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Who We Are
1.  The Civil Forum demands the full democratization of the state of Israel, meaning the liquidation of various forms of racial discrimination, stemming from the Zionist ideology and practice; cancellation of the "Law of return" and the "Nationality law", closing down the "National institutions" (the Jewish agency, JNF, et cetera), reorganization of the Israeli land authority to accommodate all residents of the state, changing the national flag, symbol and anthem, thus enabling all citizens to identify with them; struggle against the basic tenets of the Zionist ideology, which is a necessary step on the way to achieve divorce of church and state, gender equality, social justice and other democratic goals.

2.  The Zionist pretension to be a national liberation movement turned out to be false. Since its inception Zionism was a colonial movement, aspiring to resettle immigrants from the industrially developed world in a pre-industrial country without the consent of its population and at its expense, under the aegis of an imperialist power.

3.  The Zionism claimed and claims to speak for all the Jews around the world, without ever being given the right to. The Zionist thesis that all Jews around the globe, whether Canadian or Yemenite, Baron Rothschild or an impoverished worker in a Polish town, share the same interest is baseless.

4.  Any struggle against racism has always displayed a firm opposition to eviction and dispossession. The Zionist movement was the only one to propose mass flight and immigration as a solution to anti-Jewish racism, thus accepting the basic premise of racism ("Jews/Blacks/Arabs are not to be here").

5.  The Civil Forum accepts the PCP resolution of the 1943 congress, that due to Zionist colonial venture the country became bi-national and that both nations living there are entitled to self-determination, be the circumstances that led to such situation whatever they be.

6.  The two nations inhabiting nowadays what was mandatory Palestine are the Arab Palestinian nation and Jewish Israeli nation. The Jews living abroad are divided and subdivided into different ethno-cultural communities that are incapable of evolution into a real nation.

7.  We believe that the national Israeli identity must become a tool in the struggle against USA imperialism and the supra-national capitalist corporations that infringe daily upon the independence and sovereignty of Israel and its population, roll back the rights and quality of life of the workers (with the collaboration of the local bourgeoisie) and oppress their unique culture and character.

8.  The Civil Forum wishes to see Israel integrated in the cultural, social and economic spheres of the Middle East, with all its peoples participating jointly in the fight against imperialism (which goes currently under the name of "globalization"), fundamentalism and other reactionary phenomena. We believe that the Israeli nation has a clear bondage with its neighbours, the Arab and the non-Arab peoples of the Middle East, both culturally and economically, sharing the same low place in the world economic order.

9. The Civil Forum is an independent organization with ties to HADASH.

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